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Şirket Profili

As time passes and everything changes the place we live are also change its appearance. And the most importent part of our places are windows that are keep up with changes of interier. At this process ROTHOPLAS's PVC products become more preferable because of its fashionable, functionable, aesthetic and economic system. In addition to this our main aim is to produce producs of a good quality.
Profiles of ROTHOPLAS reinforced galvinized noncorrosive iron sheets to supply maximum resistence. With three-roomed system ROTHOPLAS supplies isolation of temperature and noise in any level.
Profiles of ROTHOPLAS have canals that make it easy to water drainage without any problems.
• Thickness of ROTHOPLAS profiles are 3 mm.
• It economizes 50 per cent of energy.
• Isolates 35-40 d of noise. Acid, base, detergent, alcohol and all other chemical material resistant.
• No need painting.
• Does not spoil.
• Does not swell.
• Does not decay.
• Does not burn and does not flame.
• Does not effected by water and moisture.